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Our History

Mother and Child

Since its inception in 2005 and launch in February 2008 Travis County FDTC: PIR has served more than 300 families. The program has a mission to provide a spectrum of court and community-based supports for parents involved in the child welfare system that promotes recovery from alcohol and drug addiction and encourages healthy lifestyle choices. The Court is designed as an enhancement to the Child Protective Services (CPS) Court docket. Through the support of the FDTC: PIR program, parent participants become sober, responsible caregivers so they can ensure the safety and wellbeing of their children. This focus of support and accountability for the parents and their children is to promote the goal of stopping the cycle of abuse/ neglect and addiction for the next generation.




children served!

Program Data

Program Growth 2017-2020.png

*Terms Defined

Enrolled: Participants who have agreed to receive services by signing a contract at any point within a given fiscal year.

Served: Enrolled participants who who have received services from the PIR/FDTC program. Note: served participants may be served over a period of multiple fiscal years.

Avg Length of Program Stay.png

2020 Long-Term Outcomes

  • 96% of participants exhibited no reoccurrence of child maltreatment within the following fiscal year

  • 92% had no new CPS lawsuit within 12 months

  • 83% of program graduates report that they continue to work an active recovery program within 6-12 months of graduation

  • 83% of program graduates report stable employment within 6-12 months of graduation

  • 96% of program graduates report permanent housing within 6-12 months of graduation

  • 92% of program graduates report that they are the primary caregiver of their child/ren within 6-12 months of graduation

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